Feedback From Our Clients

Dear Linda,

I was really excited to let you know that (shy, dog aggressive Great Dane) Bane, who you worked with so extensively, was able to participate in a 5k dog walk with me in November. He was around 200 other dogs and 400 other people, and didn't make a peep. He even laid on his back in the middle of the stadium and let me rub his belly with all the other dogs around. We walked with my sister and her pitbull and we had a wonderful time! A representative of doylestown hospital even asked me if he would be a therapy dog or if I was interested in trying to get him certified because he was such a calm, loving dog.

We couldn't have done this without your help, & I really appreciate everything you did for Bane and me.

Feel free to use this as a testimonial, but I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are.

All the best,
Sarah B.- Levittown

We were called to help Bane, a very spirited Great Dane, who was very dog aggressive. Using behavior modification techniques we were able to help Bane learn that seeing other dogs was actually a wonderful thing! Thank you, Sarah, for your feedback!

Linda Lelak, CPDT-KA

Dear Linda,  Macky, our sweet, beautiful border collie was a rescue dog, that we adopted about six years ago.  He is wonderful with people, house trained, and is very laid back. We took Macky on a walk after he got acclimated to our other dog Xena and his new forever home, and to our surprise he had severe fear aggression to other dogs!  We also had some problems with Macky becoming aggressive with our other dog Xena, but only over food.  I tried numerous training methods through books and other trainers, but with little success. 
Fortunately, while discussing dogs one day with my friend and coworker, he was able to connect me with Linda Lelak.  Linda was very patient and took a lot of time listening to me on the phone and seemed to lock on to Macky's issues immediately.  When Linda came to our home, she immediately bonded with Macky.  Linda was very calm, sensitive and reassuring with Macky.  Linda took her time to let Macky work at his own pace and comfort level.  Linda was organized and had custom created a training plan for Macky and myself.  Linda was very devoted and positive with both Macky and myself throughout the training process, and never once made us feel discouraged or frustrated.  Linda was all about being positive!!  Linda's click and reward methods worked wonderful for Macky's sensitive nature!!!
Thanks to Linda, Macky and I are much more confident and bonded!  Macky can now sit, lay down, stay, come, wait and heel.  Walks are now much more pleasurable for both of us.  He still has some fear to other dogs, but now we can manage it much better because he responds positively to my commands with clicks and rewards.  We can now get closer to dogs, or pass them, with out Macky getting completely out of control.  He watches me, looking at me reassuringly to get him passed the situation.  Macky is a much more confident and happy dog and I am a happy and lucky dog owner!  We owe this all to Linda!!!  I highly recommend Linda to all dog owners, she is our dog whisperer!!!
Denise M. - Levittown


We have a 7 year old border collie named Chip. Who was showing some signs of aggression toward any non-family member that comes near our house, which would include UPS people, lawn people and even neighbors.  I started taking him to obedience training classes run by Linda Lelak from Pawsitive Paws. The change in Chip in just a few classes has been wonderful!  She is wonderful dog trainer. I would recommend her to anyone.  She has taught me, how to train our very active dog.  Our dog enjoys every minute of each class. Which was surprising because he didn’t used to get along with other dogs very well, until we started to attend the obedience classes?  Now he enjoys the other dogs in the class. He  loves to learn new things, and Linda has something new for him every week.  I just want to thank you for the help.

Ruthann C.    SPCA Classes


I won a gift certificate for a free one and a half hour training session. I am going to write to Mike, who ran the silent auction, and let him know how above and beyond you went. I am going to continue training with you. My Bichon is like a new dog! I never thought he could be so smart.

Stephanie P.    -   Warrington


 "I knew I was doing something that was keeping Rocko from understanding what I wanted him to do. Linda watched me with Rocko, and after asking lots of questions was able to point out how I was sending Rocko mixed messages. Thank you for all your help with our boy. He thanks you too ; )

D. Petruccio - Solebury Twp.


"After just one lesson with you we were amazed! We couldn't believe she was the same dog!  

Amanda A. - Feasterville


My dog would go crazy when we were walking and another dog appeared. We can visit the dog park now and Puggles is not only absolutely calm but actually has fun with the other dogs. Thank you Linda. You helped us learn what we need to do to have a calm, happy dog.

Tanya S. - Doylestown


I was encouraged and amazed at how well my one-year old lab, Lu Lu, responded to just one hour with you. You showed me how to teach her to stop pulling me down the street in just a few minutes.

George L. - Levittown


Dear Linda:

My name is Cuddles, and I want to share a story to say Thank You.

I was born on January 19, 2010. I am the daughter of two of the best people in the world. Mom’s first words to me was “You are so cute”. I knew then that I could use my cuteness to do what I wanted. Dad melted just as quick. We went everywhere together. Everyone I met said the same thing: “She is so cute”.  I knew all I had to do was look with my big brown eyes, and I could do exactly as I wanted.  If I did something wrong, humans would say: That is okay, she is just a baby.

Then one day, the unthinkable,I was enrolled in Puppy Kindergarten at a local pet chain store. I was sure this was not going to be a good experience. But to my surprise, when I met the instructor, she said “She is so cute!”I knew then I had her wrapped around my paw. For six weeks we went to school. 

At the end of six weeks I would sit for a few seconds.  I was very loud in class, and did not listen, but my cuteness took over, and everything I did was good.  I was then enrolled in the next level of classes, and the same response from the instructor, “She is so cute”. School was okay, but I was not learning anything.  Mom tried very hard, but I sensed she knew we were not progressing.  Her love for me, and mine for her created a very tense situation in the classes.  She did not communicate clearly, and I certainly did not listen.  Needless to say, we were both unhappy. My “cuteness” had created stress for both of us.

Mom knowing we needed training searched on the internet. She found that the SPCA was offering classes. I thought, “Here we go again”. So on a Wednesday evening in the spring, we went to school, and met you Linda. My “cuteness” did not work with you.

You taught Mom what she was doing incorrectly, and explained why I behaved in the manner that I did. By the end of the first night, we were beginning to understand each other, and what was expected. Over the twelve weeks, I learned not only the basics, but a command that would and did save my life.Now, this is where there are no words to say how valuable lessons are, and how important the practice is every night.  It does not take very long. We never miss an opportunity to practice. We practice during walks, during play, and we have structured time. One morning Dad was taking me for a walk, and I came loose from my leash. I knew that something was wrong and I was so scared.  But then I heard the “come” command and turned around and returned to my Dad.  Life was good, and it was then I realized how much they loved me and that the reason I needed to go to school was so that I would understand the commands and what was expected of me.  If we did not take the classes, I probably would not be here today to write this letter.  I tell all of my friends and strangers about Pawsitive Paws.  Now when people see me I no longer hear “She is so cute” but I hear “She is a well-trained dog.” We are very proud of this. 

I continue to learn, and I am a more confident dog. This leads to more hugs, kisses, belly rubs, walks, and toys and snacks! For all the humans, call Linda at Pawsitive Paws!  If you really love your dog you will call 215-968-5393. Mom wants to be able to take me into hospitals and nursing homes and visit the patients. My “cuteness” will be used for all of the right reasons; to bring a smile to all the faces I meet. It has been about two months since my last class and I continue to hear compliments, and I continue to recommend Pawsitive Paws. When we are buying my food, taking walks, and I see a dog, I tell them to call Linda at Pawsitve Paws.

How do you thank someone for saving their life? Linda, you did the day you taught me so many commands that I use in my daily life. Come, wait, stay, leave it, drop it have become music to my ears! Thank you and I love you!

 - Cuddles    xoxoxoxox




I wanted to thank you again for teaching us in such a way that we can have confidence when training Cosmo (Cos).  It has been a great experience for all of us.  I also appreciate that you let us know we are all doing a great job!!  We are all better for having met you and joined your class.


See you next time,


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