Private In-home Training

Private training is a valuable resource when you prefer a one-to-one relationship with your trainer or if your dog is not comfortable in a classroom setting.


When a dog's needs go beyond the scope of basic obedience training, private training can eliminate added stressors which can make learning difficult or impossible. 


In the case of fear or aggression issues, a careful evaluation must take place to assess the depth of the emotional and behavioral responses and in order to formulate a plan of action. This include identifying triggers, systematic behavior modification, management, and other recommendations. Possible only through private, one-on-one sessions, a behavior modification plan begins with a comprehensive, holistic evaluation of the dog with the use of our customized behavior evaluation questionnaire followed by meeting with the dog and the family to get a complete picture. From there a customized training/behavior modification plan will be developed for implementation.


Private training allows collaboration with other resources such as the family's veterinarian, dog walker, and other pet professionals, as well as with extended family members and frequent visitors to the home.


Group Training Classes


1665 Street Road

Lahaska, PA


    No Waiting For The Next Class to Begin. Start On Your Schedule!


The Bucks County SPCA and Pawsitive Paws Dog Training have partnered to offer you positive reinforcement dog and puppy training classes at the SPCA in Lahaska. Teach your dog with clicker training - the most effective (and fun) way for your dog to learn new behaviors.


What is Open Enrollment?  

  • Attend Orientation.
  • Purchase a block of 4 or 6 classes.
  • Start when you are ready.
  • Classes must be used within 3 months of orientation.

What Are The Advantages of Open Enrollment Classes?

  • You may purchase additional classes to extend your training.
  • You proceed at your own pace.
  • There is no pressure on your dog to learn at the same rate as another dog in class. 
  • Smaller classes = more individualized attention.

Additional Details


Pawsitive Paws and the BCSPCA use only positive reinforcement methods.


Contact Linda Lelak, CPDT-KA
PawsitivePaws@verizon.net or call 215-968-5393 to get started.

Public Education Services

Safety With Dogs, Babies and Toddlers

Family Paws, Inc., through Dogs & Storks and Dog & Toddlers offers both private, in-home consultations  and community workshops to educate dog owners who are either expecting a baby and/or are parents, grandparents or caretakers of babies or toddlers.  The common myth that bringing home baby's blanket or dirty diaper for the dog to sniff will create a bond between dog and baby is just that --  a myth - and can be a dangerouse one. Whether you are a parent, expecting parent, grandparent or other caregiver of an infant or toddler, you will be surprised at what you learn about dogs, babies and children!

 For further information about Dog Safety

Product Recommendations

Shop for products that have been recommended by your positive reinforcement, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behaviorist to help train and entertain your dog.


From Harnesses and Collars to Enrichment Feeding and Puzzles, you can find what you need here!

Private in-home training

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