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  • Puppy Training
  • Basic Behaviors
  • Behavior Modification for Dogs with Fear or Aggression
  • Preparing For and Living With Dog and Baby
  • Dogs and Children

Puppy Training

Puppies seem to be hard-wired for annoying behaviors such as pottying in the house, chewing, and nipping. In addition to teaching good manners, we will help your pup learn appropriate behaviors and that pottying outside is fun!

Basic Behaviors

Whether your dog is young or old (old dogs CAN learn new tricks), we will can each your dog new behaviors from the basics like sit, down, and recall, to more complex behaviors like good door manners and greeting with a sit rather than jumping.  Lessons can be customized according to your needs.

Behavior Modification for Fear or Aggression

When behaviors that demonstrate fear or aggressive tendencies are present a careful evaluation must take place to assess the depth of the emotional and behavioral responses and in order to formulate a plan of action. This includes identifying triggers, systematic behavior modification, management, and other recommendations.


When undesirable behaviors are caused by an emotional reaction or perception, it is important that the emotion that causes the behavior be addressed rather than attempting to teach the dog to act diffierently.


A behavior modification plan helps identify behaviors and the emotions causing the behaviors. Possible only through private one-on-one sessions, a behavior modification plan begins with a comprehensive, holistic evaluation of the dog with the use of our customized behavior evaluation questionnaire followed by an on-site temperament evaluation and a meeting with the family to get a complete picture. A customized training/behavior modification plan will be provided which describes your dog's issues, what influences these behaviors, and the steps we will take to help your dog handle triggering situations calmly.


Preparing and Living with Dog and Baby

Don't wait until your baby arrives to think about  how your dog may react. With pre-planning we will identify the many changes that will be taking place in your dog's environment that might be upsetting and teach you how to recognize and prepare BEFORE baby comes.


Has baby arrived already and you are seeing behaviors from your dog that concern you? We can help you identify and work on making the transition go smoothly.

Dogs and Children

Whether you are a dog owner with children or want your children to be safe around other people's dogs, we can help. With over 25 years experience working with dogs and children, including a decade of leadership in 4-H dog clubs, we recognize that including children in training creates bonds and helps them stay safe.

Private In-home Training

Private training is a valuable resource when you prefer a one-to-one relationship with your trainer or if your dog is not comfortable in a classroom setting.


When a dog's needs go beyond the scope of basic obedience training, private training can eliminate added stressors which can make learning difficult or impossible. 


Private training allows collaboration with other resources such as the family's veterinarian, dog walker, and other pet professionals, as well as with extended family members and frequent visitors to the home.

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