Our Philosophy on Dog Training

Positive Reinforcement

At Pawsitive Paws Dog Training and Behavior, LLC., we are dedicated to helping human/dog families live a harmonious relationship using training; leadership; clear, consistent communication; and fairness. We only use scientifically-proven positive reinforcement methods. Pawsitive Paws will help teach you how to inspire your dog to want to do as you ask, quickly and happily. Our goal is to help your dog learn to be a thinking dog which boosts self-confidence, cements relationships and builds trust between humans and pets.

From basic obedience lessons to addressing aggression and fear through behavior modification, we teach you how to read your dog's body language and enable better communication. We concentrate on teaching you as well as teaching your dog, so you can continue to maintain consistent and fair boundaries long after lessons are over. By learning to focus on the positive things your dog does and giving instant feedback, you will inspire your dog to want to offer acceptable behaviors.

Undesirable Behaviors - We recognize that undesirable behaviors are often an indication of your dog's emotion and (often mistaken) perceptions. Rather than force your dog to stop these behaviors, we look for the underlying causes and treat those using a positive, encouraging manner that helps the dog make better choices. Your dog's happiness is important, so it is vital that we identify and treat the underlying causes and improve dog/human communication. Often we find that dogs are actually uncomfortable or unhappy while acting out, and so we concentrate on helping your dog emotionally as well as behaviorally. This enriches the dog/human relationship.

A Word On Force-Based Training . . .

Force-based training has become known as the old-style way of coercing dogs to do what is wanted. With the use of choking, jerking, shocking and even stabbing with metal prongs, our dogs do our bidding out of fear of more punishment rather than enjoying what they do.


Unfortunately, force-based training can actually teach dogs aggressive behavior. It is normal animal behavior to respond to aggression with aggression. For instance, when a dog is jerked harshly when there is another dog present (despite the reason for the 'correction') most dogs learn to associate the presence of other dogs with the pain. Eventually, they go on the offense when they see another dog since they have learned that another dog means pain for them.


Although coercive trainers recommend them, alpha rolls do not imitate what happens in the wild as far as 'dominance' goes. Performing an alpha roll (turning a dog on it's back and holding it there), can create fear and/or anger in the dog and can make you the victim of a bite. When television programs show trainers using these types of methods, there is always a disclaimer advising the consultation of a professional trainer before doing anything shown - and for good reason.


Rather than use pain or fear and risk causing neck or back injury, consider using a training method that your dog will enjoy, anticipate, and with which he/she will be a willing, happy partner.



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