The Bucks County SPCA and Pawsitive Paws Dog Training have partnered to offer you dog and puppy training classes at the SPCA in Lahaska.


Open Enrollment Levels classes are now meeting at the Bucks County SPCA on Street Road in Lahaska, PA.  Pawsitive Paws Dog Training has partnered with the BCSPCA to provide this innovative, convenient method of training your dog. Pawsitive Paws and the BCSPCA only use positive reinforcement methods. 


Before starting with your dog or puppy, you are asked to attend a class without your dog and stay after for about 15 minutes for a short orientation. The fee for class observation and orientation is $15.00.


Call  Linda Lelak, CPDT-KA  at Pawsitive Paws Dog Training 215-968-5393 for more information.


What is Open Enrollment Dog Training?  Classes are ongoing so you don't have to wait to sign up and you receive the flexibility of several days a week from which to choose. Training is at your level whether you and your dog are taking your first obedience class or already have several under your belt! 


What is Levels Dog Training? - Levels training is used in conjuction with the Open Enrollment system. Since new students are starting in class on different dates with the open enrollment program, it is necessary to tailor classes to the  needs of the students - rather than have the students learn at the pace of the class or the instructor.


In traditional training classes, a pre-determined number of commands are taught each week. When you return to class the next week there are new things to learn, regardless of the dog's (or human's) proficiency in the exercises learned the week before. However, just like humans, dogs don't learn at the same rate; some are slower and some much quicker. When you come to a levels class you won't get lost in the shuffle or have to hold your dog's progress back to the other dogs' abilities. Lessons are built around real-life situations and teach students the skills they'll need to help their dogs maintain what they've learned, even when outside the classroom. More than just sits and downs, levels classes allow us to address other issues such as jumping on visitors or door dashing.


Dogs 5 months and older - Class Times:

Sunday Mornings        11:30 - 12:30 p.m. (Additional class times added as needed)


Much like a gym membership, you can sign up for a block of 4 or 6 classes and attend several days a week, or just once a week. It's up to you! If you have to miss a week, that's okay. You have up to 3 months to use your classes. 

New to open enrollment classes? Come see what it's all about. Sign up for an orientation class where you observe a class in session (without your dog) and stay afterward to learn from the trainer how you and your dog can benefit, have fun and learn!


Register - To register for classes contact  Linda Lelak, CPDT-KA or by phone at 215-968-5393. 



Puppies up to 20 weeks old - Class Times:

Sunday mornings: 10 - 11 a.m   (Additional class times added as needed)


Join us Sunday mornings for lots of puppy fun. Our puppy classes are ongoing, open enrollment classes, so you can begin the same week you get the go ahead from your vet. Veternarians and Animal Behaviorists agree that even a one-week delay in training and sociailization can have a life-long effect on a young puppy. If your pup is between 12 weeks - 5 months of age we can help your pup learn good manners and help you provide him a great foundation. After attending orientation (without your pup) you are welcome to attend classes however often you wish. 


Register - To register for classes contact  Linda Lelak, CPDT-KA or by phone at 215-968-5393. 



  • Orientation Session             $15.00
  • Single Session                         $30.00
  • Block of 4 Classes                  $90.00
  • Block of 6 Classes                $130.00

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